Phillipa English

Groovin The Moo

Groovin the Moo is a music festival attended by thousands of young music lovers every year. Their website contains information about the past, current and future events, venues, ticket purchasing, and general information attendees should know. It’s jam packed full of information, but just because a music festival is loud and chaotic, doesn’t mean their website needs to be.

I aimed to produce a website that would help it’s users clearly navigate through the site without too much distraction, while still being engaging. I believed a more minimalist design would suit a site that contains a large amount of information. The site particularly targets the key demographic of festival goers, who are generally 20 somethings. This generation is the most marketing savvy and technically inclined group, so developing a design that would make finding the right information fast, while being a little bit clever and engaging was key to it’s effectiveness.

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